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Haben Sie eine Frage zu Ihrem interaktiven Produkt von Hitachi? Versuchen Sie zunächst, Ihre Frage über die unten angegebene Fehlersuche zu beantworten, oder gehen Sie die technischen Fragen und Antworten durch, wo Sie Antworten auf die häufigsten technischen Fragen finden.

Wenn Sie keine Antwort auf Ihre Frage finden, kontaktieren Sie bitte den technischen Kundendienst unter [email protected] und wir beantworten Ihre Anfrage so schnell wie möglich.


Die Fehlersuche unterstützt Sie mithilfe einer Reihe von Fragen bei der Diagnose aller Probleme mit Ihrer Ausrüstung. Klicken Sie einfach auf den Link 'Diagnose starten' und befolgen Sie die Hinweise, um eine Antwort auf Ihre technische Frage zu finden.

Diagnose starten

Technical Q&A;

I keep getting “LSaDrv Touch Sensor error” message when Starboard is attached.

Check the following items if "LSaDrv Touch Sensor Error" message appears.

  1. Check that light is not blocked from reaching the board surface or reflective tape.
  2. Check that the reflective tape is not dirty or that any object is inside the reflective area like the Stylus or Pen.
If the problem is not corrected despite making the above checks, perform adjustments as follows;

  1. Press the "Adjust Camera" button on the "LSaDrv Touch Sensor Error" dialog box displayed on the PC screen.
  2. "Camera Adjustment Wizard Start" window appears. Press "All Adjust" and wait until finish adjustment. (It takes 30 seconds to few minutes to finish.)
  3. Once the Finish button has appeared, Press "Finish". 

This completes sensor adjustment.

After making adjustments, check that input can be performed normally.
If you are still having the same problem, please contact our Starboard Technical Support Department.

StarBoard software is displaying the message “StarBoard device is not connected”.

  1. Click on the “Check Connections” to see if the software will recognize the starboard device.
  2. Double-check the connection to make sure all cables are connected securely.
  3. Inquire about previously installed device that could be occupying connection. Please check with your IT department on procedures.
  4. Verify that the correct driver was selected when initially installed. For the T-series panels, verify that the USB Tablet manager is installed. For the FX-Duo series, verify that the Starboard Light Sensor Driver is installed by checking Add/Remove programs.
  5. Early StarBoard EM Panel systems were not encoded with StarBoard identification. The same is true of some early StarBoard BT-1 Systems which were initially intended to be sold as accessories to other StarBoard systems. When the “No StarBoard is Connected” message appears with these systems, simply click ok and the software will startup and the systems will work.

I cannot calibrate my StarBoard device

For FX-Duo series, F-Series, and T- Series devices, you can find the Calibration at the following locations:
In the Starboard software, go to the Gold Starboard toolbar button, setting/StarBoard/ Calibration. A calibration screen will appear. Click on the center of the flashing red circle with your system’s pen. When it turns green, click on the center of the next flashing red calibration circle. Repeat until complete.

Why do I get a red X through the LSaDrv icon in my System Tray even though my Starboard is connected?

This function is for the FX-Duo series of the Starboard. If you have installed the drivers for the FX-Duo and the T-series panels, the LSaDrv driver will only function when it detects a FX-Duo attached.
This can also be caused by something blocking the sensor area. Please ensure the reflective tape is clean of dust/residue by using a clean, soft cloth and no object is inside the reflective tape area.

What is the maximum screen resolution I can set my monitor to and use the Screen Record Function in the Starboard Software?

Please see this article from Microsoft’s website:

My annotation keeps disappearing. What could be wrong?

  1. Check to see if you have the “Handwriting recognition” program running. You must turn it off to annotate in StarBoard, unless you are adding text to a Text Box.
  2. Determine what type of pen is being used. The ink that is left by the Pointer Pen will disappear after the second time you touch the screen.

How can I extend the length of the USB cable?

To extend the USB cable beyond the original length, you will need a USB Extender from Cables to Go.
This extender is tested by Hitachi and recommended. The part number on CablesToGo website is 29341.

The icons in my toolbar are too big and are blocking some items on my desktop.

You can resize the icons in the "Option Settings" area. There are three different sizes to choose from. Click on the StarBoard button, then Settings, then Option Settings. Nine tabbed pages will open allowing you to change many of the StarBoard default settings. Click on Toobar tab, and then on the size of the toolbar icons you wish to use.
You can also collapse the tool to reduce the occupied space by clicking on the top gold down arrow on the onscreen toolbar. After Release 6.2 to current, the collapsed toolbar is shrunk to a single translucent button, which can then be re-expanded by clicking on the gold up arrow of the onscreen toolbar.

Why does the cursor follow my finger on the Starboard but I can't write?

Ensure that the Starboard is in touch mode. Open a Blank page in the Starboard software and look for the hand icon under the page number in the upper right of screen. Touch the top icon on the physical Starboard and once the hand icon appears under the page number, you will now be able to write.

After a new Starboard setup or after moving it, why can I not write on the board even though the LSaDrv is loaded correctly in the System Tray?

Run the LsCamWiz. Go to C:\Program Files\Hitachi Solutions Europe\FX-DuoDriver folder. Run LsCamWiz.exe. Click on “All Adjust” and when the software finishes, click finish and exit. You will now be able to write on the Starboard. Please also see Q1 above.

I like to have my toolbar vertical rather than horizontal.

Simply place your cursor on top of the golden arrow at the end of the toolbar and hold for 2-3 seconds. Now rotate the toolbar from the arrow in the direction you wish to position your toolbar. You can also drag the toolbar to any location you wish.

Can I customize my toolbar?

Yes, the toolbar is fully customizable to your preferences.

How do I remove or add a tool in the toolbar?

  1. Simply place and hold your cursor on top of the icon you wish to remove. Hold for 2-3 seconds and drag it off the tool bar.
  2. To add to the toolbar any function from the cascading menu structure, or electronic inks from the ink palettes, simply hold the pen/cursor over the icon of the function or ink for 2-3 seconds then drag the icon onto the toolbar.

How can I open a PowerPoint file inside the StarBoard software?

  1. You can open a PowerPoint file either as a live document or as a set of captured images that are easily paged through and annotated upon.
  2. Go to the StarBoard/Documents/Document… Select the Power Point icon. Locate your Power Point file and open. All Office documents can be opened live, EDIT mode, or captured VIEW/BROWSE mode. In the Setting menu you can select whether to always open in EDIT mode, always open in VIEW/BROWSE mode, or select the mode each time you open a file.
  3. If you chose the “VIEW/Browse mode” this will tell the StarBoard software to capture the entire slide show for the session. If there are no embedded videos or transitions, this is the easiest way to present PowerPoint slides. You can move through the presentation with forward and back arrows on the StarBoard toolbar. As you deliver the presentation, annotations will automatically be captured.
  4. If you choose EDIT mode, the PowerPoint opens live. You page through the presentation with the Pen in PC mode by tapping on the screen, just like any other live PowerPoint presentation. This is the ideal mode for presentations with embedded video or transitions.
  5. To make annotations, you can do so over the live application by selecting PEN and an ink. In this mode, they are on a layer above the actual PowerPoint. You must Clear Screen to delete annotations made over live PowerPoint. To move to the next slide select PC mode, the mouse icon, and tap on the screen.
  6. If you wish to embed the annotations in the live PowerPoint presentation file, then make the annotations over the live PowerPoint as above, and then under the EDIT menu from the StarBoard button, select Paste into Microsoft Office Document. The annotations are now part of your PowerPoint file.
  7. If you wish to save annotations with the slide image but not in the power point file, then before you annotate, click on the CAPTURE button with the pen still in PC or mouse mode. This will take a snapshot of the slide, and place the pen in PEN or annotation mode. You can then annotate on the captured image of the slide and it is automatically saved with annotations. To go back to the live presentation and advance the slides, simply click on the PC Mode/mouse button on the toolbar, and then click on the screen to advance the page.

Why does the Starboard Software appear to be frozen when I am installing\reinstalling the Starboard software and the progress bar has not moved in a while.

While installing the software, an internet window will pop up sometimes in the background. The installation has taken you to the registration page.
In case of this being the first time you are installing the software please fill out the registration form. Once complete, exit completely from the internet page. If you are reinstalling the software, ignore the registration page and just exit out of it. Installation will continue once the page has been closed.

Who do I contact to get software updates?

  1. Send an email to [email protected]. Include the serial number of your device and a valid mailing address.
  2. Software updates are available to download from the Secure Support section of the website.

If I have an older StarBoard model, which driver would I select?

F/FX/R/LC/Cambridge/T-18SX – All older-model whiteboards using electromagnetic sensors embedded within the board surface.
Current boards with touch technology are FX-Duo series.

How many clients can I have in Conference mode?

Normally you can connect 40 clients to one host. The maximum number of clients is 50.

Can all the clients in Conference mode see what I’m putting on my computer screen?

  1. Yes, it normally takes about 1-2 seconds before the annotation travels to all your clients.
  2. Conference mode only displays captured images and annotations on the Client screens in a conference. If you are viewing a document of a drawing from another application, it must be captured to be viewed by others. Once captured, it can be magnified and you can navigate around the captured image with the Navigation Window. PowerPoint presentations can only be viewed in a Conference in VIEW/BROWSE mode.

What display output should the Starboard be connected to on the video card?

The Starboard must be connected as the primary display in order to work correctly. This also includes dual video output video cards. The Projector for the Starboard needs to be the primary display on the actual video card and also in the operating system.

How can I use an On-Screen Keyboard on the Starboard Software 9.0 for Mac?

After Installing the Starboard Software go back into the installation folder of the Starboard Software and open the MyScriptStylus folder and Install MyScriptStylus Installer.pkg. Then go to your Mac Hard Drive -> Applications -> MyScriptStylus. Launch the program. (A Starboard product must be connected for this program to run.) Once the program launches an icon that looks like a pen will load on the top menu bar of your screen. Click on it and then click on “Show”. The program will load. Please click on the 3rd tab at top and you will have an On Screen keyboard that can be used System Wide, including the internet, MS Office and of course Starboard Software.

Why does the Starboard software look like jumbled letters and symbols when I download it to my Mac?

Use Safari or Internet Explorer and the file will download fine.

Why can’t I zoom in on my documents?

To use the zoom function, select the Intelli-pen and then place 2 fingers on the board and you will be able to use the zoom.

What driver do I install for the PX-Duo Plasma Overlay series?

Please check the box in the installation software for the FX-DUO/PX-DUO.

Why am I getting an error message when trying to install a newer version of the Starboard Software that an "older version of the driver is already installed. Please uninstall the older version before proceeding" and it will not allow me to finish the Starboard Software install?

There are several components to the Starboard Software depending on the devices attached to your computer. When installing for the first time, please make sure to use only the Setup Disk labeled Starboard Software Setup version 8.xx. This disk includes the drivers and software bundled together so there is no need to use the second disk. If 2 disks are used, you may be trying to install the driver twice, thus causing a driver conflict that generates the error message mentioned above.

If you are re-installing the Starboard Software or upgrading to a newer version, please remove all instances of the Starboard Software and its drivers from the Control Panel- Add/Remove Programs and ensure that the following are uninstalled to avoid any driver conflicts or errors. "Starboard Light Sensor Driver", Starboard Software Version 8.X" or lower, and "USB Tablet Manager". This will allow you to install the updated drivers along with the Starboard Software.

I have an FX-63/77/82/77GII Starboard that does not calibrate correctly. It won't write in the lower left hand corner and top right hand corner. I have tried calibrating many times and I still have the same results. What else can I do?

FX-77WD / FX-77GII

How can I calibrate correctly when I cannot write in the top right corner or lower left corner?

We have noticed this ot be a problme in some FX-77WD / FX-77GII (the shipment after February 2008). This is partly due to a faulty firmware version that some of these StarBoards may have. Below, you will find the Firmware Changer tool that will allow you to change the Firmware to a recent working version. Please download and extract the folder. Please be sure to read the instructions on how to properly run this tool. Not following the instructions can damage the electronics of the sensor.  If you continue to have problmes, please contact your local support office. [email protected]

Download Firmware Changer Tool