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Environmental Activities

Hitachi Solutions is contributing to society through its primary business of software development. Based on the principles of harmony, sincerity, and a pioneering spirit on Hitachi Founding Spirit, conservation of the environment is an important issue for all humanity and it is our indispensable obligation to address this issue in our business operations.
Aiming to achieve a sustainable society via the key initiatives of “Global Warming Prevention,” “Environmental Use of Resources” and “Biodiversity Conservation,” we are actively promoting our environmental management system based on the following basic policies.

Environmental Management System

For promoting our environmental activities, Hitachi Solutions has built an environmental management system which has acquired the international standard for such systems, ISO 14001, in Japan.
The ISO 14001 certification was first granted to the Tokyo office and Tsurumi site in October 2003, and expanded to all business offices, including the 11 sites in Japan, in the renewal examination in October 2006, meaning the whole company was granted the certification. Furthermore, the second renewal examination in 2009 extended it to additional two domestic subsidiaries.

Green Procurement

Based on the "Green Procurement Guidelines" stipulated by the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions is promoting the purchasing of environmentally friendly hardware and equipment from green suppliers. "StarBoard" observes regulations introduced by countries such as the EU, to which Hitachi Solutions products are exported, including the RoHS Directive and the WEEE Directive, and even complies with the REACH Regulation.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Development of EcoSoft

At Hitachi Solutions, we are working to develop software that is effective in reducing environmental impacts (EcoSoft). We assess all of our packaged products and services and register them as eco-products. In addition, we also strive for reduced environmental impact when developing, maintaining, and servicing systems for individual clients.
We have set eight eco-conscious perspectives on which the work, including system development, is based.

  • Resource saving
  • Energy saving
  • Long-term usability
  • Reusability
  • Environmental reliability
  • Ecosystem
  • Environmental conservation
  • Information provision

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