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Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System (ACS) is an innovative collaboration system improving the efficiency and quality of teammates' collaboration and realizing creative discussion between different locations.

Are following problems familiar?

Issues of collaboration between different locations Solutions provided by ACS
It takes too long to check attendees' schedule and then is difficult to concentrate on discussion. With ACS you can check the presence of attendees in real time and start the discussion immediately, which will help you to make your work more speedy and efficient.
It is difficult to make good use of remote conference systems because of their complexity. Simple and intuitive ACS will make you have a completely different experience of remote collaboration.
It is impossible to discuss actively by writing on a whiteboard and sharing documents at the same time. ACS provides you with all necessary tools for active discussion, such as whiteboard, document sharing, A/V, etc.

Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System - Concept

Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System provides a collaboration environment that enables you to engage in the efficient and creative discussion by A/V, document sharing, whiteboard with people in remote locations as if they were in the same room with you.

Conceptual diagram of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System.

Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System - Features

Irrespective of the situation, you can use ACS easily anytime and anywhere.
  • ACS is adaptive to various scenarios and can be used to call a remote meeting between different locations, join a meeting from your own sear or outside, or do daily communication.
    (You can use PC, interactive whiteboards, or mobile devices?1 to join the discussion.)
  • Beside the prescheduled meetings, you can also call an ad-hoc meeting without reservation.
Provided with one-touch operation, everyone can use ACS easily even at the first use.
  • You can connect A/V, documents and whiteboard by one touch.
  • You can start prescheduled meeting by one touch.
  • You can show materials from document store by one touch.
  • You can use fingers to scroll, zoom in or zoom out intuitively by multi-touch operation.

* 1: Functions scheduled to be developed.
* 2: Unified Communication System.

Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System - Functions

* The images present the product screens being developed and may change from the final product.

Provide A/V connections, data sharing and flexible way of annotating
  • Participants can share documents by the whiteboard and connect A/V.
  • Not only documents being displayed and comments written on the whiteboard, but also page ejection, page moving, and zoom in/out can be shared among participants, which enables you to discuss efficiently as if all participants were in the same room.
Shared whiteboard and private whiteboard

ACS provides the private whiteboard as well as the shared whiteboard which can be displayed and used at the same time. You can take notes or prepare your ideas on the private whiteboard, and share them to the shared whiteboard when you want. You can use the whiteboard flexibly according to your situation.

Suspend and resume meetings

All the contents discussed on the whiteboard can be saved and then be opened by ACS. Therefore, with ACS you can suspend a meeting by saving it, and then resume it at a different place on a different time.

Support touch operations in conjunction with interactive whiteboards
  • In conjunction with interactive whiteboard, such as StarBoard, ACS provides you a large screen whiteboard you can operate it intuitively.
  • You can write down your idea or comment on the whiteboard of ACS by fingers or pens in the same way of the usual whiteboard.
Start the meeting reserved on scheduler by one-touch

Check your schedule and start the reserved meeting easily.

* Cooperate with the groupware Exchange.

Confirm meeting information

You can confirm the meeting's information in advance, such as agenda, participants, and documents to be used, to make sure the meeting is efficient.

Share documents by one-touch

You can access the documents registered on the document management system for the meeting or any files on your own PC easily, and share them with other participants.

* Cooperate with the document management system SharePoint.

Start a meeting anytime without reservation

You can search the persons you want to talk from your contact list, check their presence, and then call an ad-hoc meeting with them easily.

* Cooperate with the unified communication system Lync.

Record the meeting as the digital minutes

You can record the speech of participants and the process of discussion, which can be used to review the meeting or share the information to the people who did not attend the meeting.

Support multiple languages

ACS has versions for Japanese, English, German, French and Italian languages.

Diagram of the system configuration

Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System works on the platform of Microsoft Lync and ActiveDirectory.

* 1: Related products(not necessarily required in the system configuration).
* 2: Supported StarBoard: FX-TRIO-77S,77/88W,PX-DUO 50/65,StarBoard Link EZ,StarBoard Link DR.

System configuration image diagram of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System.


License Standard price
(tax included)
Client Access License(CAL) Open Price User CAL
(a CAL should be purchased for every user)

* The price above does not include the fee of building servers and servers' hardware.
* The Microsoft Lync is required.

This product meets eight criteria, energy conservation, resources saving, reusability, etc, defined by Hitachi Group's DfE (Design for Environment) Assessment.

The system integrates "audio and video connection," "whiteboard," and presence information used for collaborative work among scattered centers, and provides a UX-designed user-friendly interface in an attempt to increase efficiency in meetings and collaboration.

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