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Frequently asked questions


What is StarBoard?

StarBoard is an interactive series of front projection whiteboards, LCD Panels, wireless tablets, and plasma TV digitisers from Hitachi Solutions Europe Europe.

Who can use StarBoard?

Anyone who wants to provide interactive lessons, training, and presentations to their students or audience.

Can I view a demonstration?

Yes, please view an online (click on 'see FX Duo in action) demonstration of StarBoard’s FX Duo and software. For more information about scheduling a live demonstration please send an email to [email protected]

StarBoard® Software

Is the software included?

StarBoard Software is included with all system sales. To learn more about StarBoard Software click on the righthand side.

Can I operate my PC with StarBoard?

Yes, StarBoard’s active pen devices provide mouse functionality to operate your PC normally.

Can I use StarBoard with Microsoft Office™?

Yes, StarBoard software is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office™ applications. StarBoard allows you to annotate and navigate PowerPoint™ and input your handwriting directly into ASCII text into Word™ and Excel™ applications.

How to buy StarBoard®

I'm an end-user. Where can I purchase StarBoard products?

To find a local distributor near you send an email to [email protected] . Please provide your name, country, and list any StarBoard products you are interested in.

Parts and Accessories

Ordering / Purchasing
How do I order spare parts and accessories (pens, brackets, stands)?

Please contact your dealer for parts and accessories. If you do not have that information or your dealer does not supply the specific part or accessory, please send an email to [email protected] or parts and accessories.

Technical Issues

FX-77WD / FX-77GII

How can I calibrate correctly when I cannot write in the top right corner or lower left corner?

We have noticed this to be a problem with some FX-77WD / FX-77GII boards (shipments after February 2008). This is due to a faulty firmware version that some of these Starboards may have. Below you will find the Firmware Changer tool that will allow you to change the Firmware to a recent working version. Please download and extract the folder.

Please be sure to read the instructions on how to properly run this tool. Not following the instructions can damage the electronics of the sensor. If you continue to have problems please contact our local support office. [email protected]

Download changer tool