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Online Training Videos

Get off to the right start with self-paced online tutorial videos and training guides that demonstrate the tools and features in the software provided with our interactive products.

Level 1

Sidebar Tabs

Normal Pen


Pointer Pen

Text Pen

Annotations to Text

Objects, Images, Annotations

Image Gallery

Search Engines

Customizing the Toolbar

Multi-user Input

Capturing Desktop

Saving Your Profile

Working Outside Software

Level 2


Manage Your Gallery

Creating Hyperlinks

Split and Regroup Text

MyScript Stylus

Grid Lines

Accessory: Compass

Accessory: Protractor

Accessory: Ruler

Accessory: Screen Block

Accessory: Screen Record

Accessory: Spotlight

Accessory: Stopwatch

Accessory: Screen Capture

Document Capture

Merge Yar Files
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