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New Software version 8 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 8 StarBoard Software.

New Features in version 8:

  • Support for Adobe Flash objects in the same interface style as clipart
  • "Cambridge-Hitachi Learning Object" is included as useful Flash objects
  • Dot-and-dash line styles
  • Lock property to prevent accidental alteration
  • Interactive ruler and protractor accessories
  • Search text using Google and Wikipedia
  • Create hyperlinks to other pages in the document
  • Set per-page background colour and grid snapping setting
  • Select freehand and inverted areas in the Screen Capture accessory
  • Custom transparency and cut-out regions in the Screen Block accessory
  • Split text objects by line or word
  • Can set default properties of StarBoard object tools

Improvements in version 8:

  • Can import documents by printing from any application by selecting "StarBoard Document Capture" as a printer
  • Create more polygon shapes with Intelli-Pen. (Hexagon, Star etc...) Save and Load user clipart and template on a USB stick
  • Add a new profile tailored to pupils
  • Much more clipart from public domain images
  • Can export memo data as PowerPoint file
  • Support T-17SXLG on Windows VISTA

Compatibility between 8.0 and previous versions:

  • The yar file format is changed
  • StarBoard Software 8.0 can open all existing yar file but previous versions can't open 8.0's yar file
  • Digital Data Conference protocol is changed. StarBoard Software 8.0 and other StarBoard Software 8.0 can be connected with DDC, but StarBoard Software 8.0 and previous versions can't be connected. In this case an error message will be shown

See the readme file included with the software for a full update.

On-line demonstration and system requirements