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VerdICT Plus Press Release

Hitachi releases new updated voting system – VerdICT Plus

A structured and responsive approach to personalised learning

Hitachi has announced the release of its updated interactive response system, VerdICT Plus. A fully-interactive response system, VerdICT Plus adds extra dimension to lessons and increases enthusiasm in an active learning environment. VerdICT Plus gives students instant feedback for a wide variety of activities including multiple-choice questions, class surveys, end-of-lesson or course reviews, voting quizzes and tests.

Students cast their votes using the radio frequency wireless handsets and verdict instantly marks and analyses answers. Teachers can adjust content according to the specific needs of the class or individual, thus taking a structured and responsive approach to personalised learning.

Teachers can choose to make answers anonymous, or to enable students to see how well they are doing in response to others. Pre-customised questions can be used, or new ones created during a session. Answers can then be transferred, collected and analysed for further reference.

  • VerdICT Plus highlights:
  • Displays different types of questions: True/false, Alpha/Numeric, Yes/No
  • Powerpoint integration
  • Sim card option available
  • Games selection to show results and student performance Includes 1500 curriculum questions All data is captured and can be used for assessment purposes Vista compatible, full testing feature can run with any laptop, projector or pc.
  • Multiple base frequency allows extended range without interference from nearby systems.
  • Reports can be displayed as a chart, pie chart or bar chart.
  • Teacher control by designated remote or interactive on screen menu.
For further information, please contact Alex Goudge, Marketing Manager at Hitachi Interactive on +44 020 7246 6868 or e-mail [email protected].