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Hitachi Solutions Europe


Interactive Overlay Press Release

Hitachi announces the launch of the PX-Duo interactive overlay

Turning plasma screens into fully interactive devices.

Hitachi Solutions Europe Europe ( has introduced the PX Duo Interactive overlay as the latest addition to its interactive suite of products. The new product fits neatly over a *plasma screen to transform it into the ultimate interactive device – one which offers superb resolution and high definition.

Available in 55” or 65”, the PX Duo completes Hitachi’s range of interactive devices for teaching, training and presentations. Interactive plasma units are used increasingly for corporate presentations, higher and further education and in special needs education.

The PX Duo comes equipped with an electronic pen which can also be used as a mouse to control the screen. Because the PX Duo is touch-sensitive it can also be operated by finger if the user prefers. For ease of use the PX Duo, in line with all other Hitachi interactive products, features a set of control buttons which offer the most commonly used functions. These include back and forward commands to scroll through presentation pages, mouse and pen control and a selection of the most popular pen colours. There are also two additional buttons available for the user to customise.

The PX Duo is supplied with StarBoard software, an easy-to-master suite of powerful presentation and conferencing tools which easily integrate with applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint. The software includes broad array of electronic inks to annotation. Pages can be saved back to the computer and emailed. The software also allows simultaneous inputs and the ability to operate the screen using both hands.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Powered by a single USB interface
  • *bezel is designed to fit the Panasonic TH-50PF10EK and TH-6510EK screens only
  • StarBoard Software v.8 included
  • Electronic pen included.
  • Availability from August 2008