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Hitachi launches the new FX DUO Interactive Whiteboards

Hitachi Interactive today announces a revolutionary new interactive whiteboard – the FX-Duo board that sets a new benchmark in this type of technology by combining the best features of all previous whiteboards. The new board can be operated by either finger or pen yet features a hard and durable surface. This breakthrough in interactive technology has enabled Hitachi to create an entirely new experience for all users and audiences – previously finger based technology required a touch membrane surface which was easily damaged.

As its name suggests the FX-Duo has a number of dual functions which enhance its versatility as well as the pen or touch of finger activation, the FX-Duo is able to support multiple users. Using Hitachi’s Starboard Software users can also easily move images around with the touch of a finger and have full control of the zoom function with a sweep of the hand. Unlike other interactive whiteboards which are touch-sensitive, the FX-Duo’s unique technology means it will continue to operate no matter what rigours its surface is forced to endure e.g. scratches or dents. This makes it extremely cost-effective and appealing to the education, corporate and emergency services markets.

Paul O’Reilly, Commercial Director from Hitachi Distributor Medium (UK) Ltd comments “The FX-Duo enters the market at an opportune time. With growth now limited, the market for upgrades and replacements is critical.”

“Until now the market has had to choose between Electromagnetic (hard) boards and Resistive (soft) boards. The FX-Duo allows for a ubiquitous platform and meets all the needs of the UK interactive whiteboards users. I think Hitachi has kept the best till last – and we can now demonstrate the true advantages of the Hitachi board without any technical barriers!”

Malcolm Wenborn General Manager of Hitachi Solutions Europe UK Ltd is delighted by the response to the board “This new product offers resellers an all in one solution for their portfolio. We are delighted with the initial response and will work closely with our partners to ensure a successful launch of the FX-Duo into the market.”

FX-Duo at a glance:

  • Robust surface - The surface is robust and the whiteboard works even if there are scratches/dents on the surface.
  • Low reflection - Thanks to the special coating of the surface, projector reflection is minimized and it is gentle for eyesight.
  • Input Methods - It is possible to use a finger/object in addition to Electronic Pen to operate the whiteboard (two stylus pens are bundled)
  • Simultaneous Inputs - It is possible to operate the whiteboard using both hands (gestures). Scroll and Zoom-in/Zoom-out are available in StarBoard Software.
  • Field Replaceable Digitizer - The digitizer is detachable and it is unnecessary to send the whole unit for repairing.
  • Electronic Pen. There are three side buttons and users can assign mouse events as desired.”

The new board is available to resellers in The UK through Hitachi Solutions Europe’s Distributors Medium (UK) Ltd and Midwich Ltd from October 2007.