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Hitachi’s StarCloud solution for interactive and collaborate learning that works anywhere, anytime.

Hitachi releases cloud software for interactive whiteboards that works on any platform and with any hardware.

London, UK, April 2, 2013 – Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd., a leader in the interactive whiteboard market, announces the release of StarCloud - their first cloud-based solution for interactive whiteboards, PCs and mobile devices. StarCloud is 100% browser-based meaning that it doesn’t require any specific software installation and allows teachers to connect and work with their content anywhere, anytime and from any hardware.

StarCloud is platform and hardware independent. Teachers can create and share their whiteboard documents with students or colleagues regardless of whether they use Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Moreover, schools no longer need to worry which whiteboards or other interactive devices are installed in their classrooms. StarCloud works on all types of interactive whiteboards, tablet PCs, interactive projectors, and touch-screen displays. The only requirement is an internet-connected web browser, which means StarCloud is equally suited to the classroom and remote team working. What’s more, students can use their own computers or tablet devices to access the lessons and activities created by teachers without any additional software requirement.

StarCloud includes all of the drawing, writing and editing tools you would expect for the creation of attractive and engaging learning content. It can be used as a powerful standalone tool to enhance any interactive whiteboard or display, or as a simple way to extend the reach of an existing Hitachi StarBoard product. And for teachers already familiar with StarBoard, they’ll find they can easily create and save documents in .yar format as well as open and work with existing .yar files created using Hitachi’s traditional StarBoard software.

“Hitachi is continuing to develop its software solutions for education using the latest innovative technologies. Through StarCloud we can provide schools with an easy to use, flexible solution that does away with the requirement for specific software or hardware installation. StarCloud simply gives teachers and students easier access to greater opportunities for interactive and collaborative learning”, says Malcolm Wenborn, General Manager in Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd.

The StarCloud software is accessible at:

Product Features:
  • Cloud based. The content is always with you wherever and whenever you need to access it.
  • Installation free. No need to install or update the software on your computer.
  • Hardware and platform independent. Use it on any hardware device and with any operating system.
  • Easy whiteboard sharing. Share your digital material with your colleagues and students.
  • Simultaneous use. The students can connect simultaneously from their PCs or other devices for collaborative teamwork.
  • Intuitive and simple to use. All necessary writing and editing tools are always on hand.
  • StarBoard software compatible. Create new documents in. yar format or open and work with existing .yar files.

About Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. is a core IT Company of the Hitachi Group, which employs some 400,000 people worldwide. The company provides value-driven services throughout the IT lifecycle, from systems planning to integration, operation and maintenance. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Solutions' reach extends to group companies in Japan and abroad, working with a worldwide network of alliance partners. Outside of Japan, the company conducts its business through three key subsidiaries, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd. and Hitachi Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. For more information on Hitachi Solutions, please visit the company's website at

About Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd., headquartered in London (UK), is a subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., which is a core member of Information & Telecommunication Systems Company of Hitachi group and a recognized leader in delivering proven business and IT strategies and solutions to companies across many industries. Its Interactive Media Solutions division provides a full range of innovative solutions including StarBoard range - interactive whiteboards and displays, as well as software solutions for free-hand annotations and teleconferencing. The main application sectors are education, business, training centers and emergency services. For more information on Hitachi Solutions Europe, please visit the company's website at