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Hitachi Solutions Europe Introduces StarBoard Software v.9.2 Interactive Whiteboard Software for Windows

London, July 2010 – Hitachi Solutions Europe has released StarBoard Software for Windows v.9.2 for its range of interactive devices.  This new software has been designed for VARs growing multi-lingual and diverse client base – to support new languages and meet country specific requirements. The software’s new ‘plug-in’ architecture enables a high level of customisation; Hitachi’s quick response to VARs changing market conditions and customer needs.


StarBoard Software v.9.2 features a highly interactive interface, designed with an eye on the industry wide trend of operations using touch capability. With intuitive icons it provides users with a natural sense of functionality.


The new software retains the user-friendly architecture but uses an updated interface, instantly familiar to all users of MS Officeapplications. Hitachi maintains its user friendly products, without compromising functionality with version.9.2 of StarBoard, reducing the number of steps required to access any of the functions.


To add further value to their offering, the Maths resource includes an optional  ‘Mult-e-Maths’ toolbox, a powerful, interactive whiteboard resource, developed by Cambridge-Hitachi. ‘Mult-e-Maths’ Toolbox consists of a workspace and tools for teaching primary mathematics, enabling the personalisation of resources and lessons to suit the needs of any class.


The new software contains a link to the Hitachi resources area, where the user is notified when new ‘plug-ins’ are available; the user then downloads the new update.  This can take the form of a new language, or new teaching application.


“This new version of StarBoard Software will offer resellers of a distinct advantage in the market place.”  Says Malcolm Wenborn, General Manager of Hitachi Software Engineering Europe.

‘’The plug-in architecture will make updates more easily available and the maths resource adds great value to the product.”


FX-TRIO Board users can perform multi-touch gestures on the multi-input pad which allows three simultaneous users. Teachers can test three children at the board or enable them to add data simultaneously.


StarBoard Software v.9.2 – new features


·   Plug-in architecture allows for a high degree of customisation.

·   Side menu bar that can toggle to either side of the screen

·   Drag and drop tools to create a shortcut button on a page

·   Infinite clone

·   Data conference between schools

·   Customisable colour palette

·   Import your own image for the texture pen

·   Trash can on the page to delete any object

·   Merge multiple StarBoard files (.yar) into one file

·   Supports multiple languages

·   Links to StarBoard Resource Centre

·   Text search through an active file

·   Images can be edited and colours removed to make them transparent.