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Hitachi Solutions Europe Introduces StarBoard Software v.9.1




Hitachi Solutions Europe has released StarBoard Software for Windows v.9.1 to work with its range of interactive devices.  This new software has been designed with Hitachi Solutions Europe’s growing multi-lingual and diverse client base in mind – particularly when supporting new languages and meeting country specific requirements.   Thanks to the software’s ‘plug-in’ architecture, a high level of customisation is now possible – a decision made to enable Hitachi to quickly respond to its market and customer needs.


Featuring a highly interactive interface, StarBoard Software v.9.1 was designed with an eye on the industry wide trend surrounding operating systems that are migrating towards operations using touch capability. The software’s icons are more intuitive and provide users with a natural sense of functionality.


The new software retains the user-friendly architecture that StarBoard software is known for – but uses an updated interface which will be instantly familiar to all users of MS Officeapplications. Hitachi maintains a policy of making its products very user friendly, without compromising functionality. Version v.9.1 of StarBoard software therefore reduces further the number of steps required to access any of the StarBoard functions.


A new live desktop mode allows users to ink on YouTube™ videos or any animation on their computers without having to take screen shots or freeze frames. Additionally, a user can drag tools from the toolbar and drop them onto a page offering a more customisable interface. For example, this feature allows a maths teacher to place a protractor tool directly on a page so a student has the ability to activate it easily, as opposed to navigating through the menus. Sound clips can link speech, music and sound effects to page elements.


The software also allows FX Duo Board users to perform multi-touch gestures, such as pinching, to rotate and resize images as well as an improved multi-input pad that allows two users to write on the board simultaneously.  This functionality is extended with the FX Trio model of whiteboard which enables three people to use the board simultaneously. This means that teachers can test thee children at the board in one session, or enable them to add data simultaneously - the results from a biology field trip for instance


“The Hitachi StarBoard Software v.9.1 is the result of extensive feedback from our customer base and a collaborative effort of our team. In launching this platform, Hitachi Solutions Europe provides clients with a highly customisable, easy to use solution.” Commented Malcolm Wenborn, General Manager of Hitachi Software Europe.


All new features:


·   Plugin architecture allows for a high degree of customisation.

·   Top menu bar for easy accessibility

·   Side menu bar that can toggle to either side of the screen

·   Drag and drop tools to create a shortcut button on a page

·   Customisable color palette

·   Import your own image for the texture pen

·   Rubbish bin on the page to delete any object

·   Merge multiple StarBoard files (.yar) into one file

·   Supports multiple languages

·   Links to StarBoard Resource Centre