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Hitachi launches the Twinning Portal dedicated to finding schools partners for international learning collaboration.

VerdICT Plus is a radio frequency wireless interactive response system which comes with a range of pre-set questions and resources. VerdICT Plus encourages whole class participation and has been proven to make a tangible difference to teaching and learning.

Teachers can choose to make answers anonymous, or to enable students to see how well they are doing in relation to others. Pre-customised questions can be used, or new ones created during a session. Answers can then be transferred, collected and analysed for further reference.

Every VerdICT Plus system now comes complete with Cens-us a floating interactive toolbar which makes voting instantly available.


  • Displays different types of questions, true/false, alpha/numeric, yes/no
  • PowerPoint integration
  • Sim card option available
  • Games selection to show results and student performance
  • Includes 1500 curriculum questions
  • Multiple base frequency
  • Reports cn be displayed as a chart, pie chart or bar chart
  • Teacher control by designated remote or interactive on screen menu
  • All data can be captured and used for assessment
  • Vista compatilble
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