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Powered by Hitachi StarBoard Software

Powerful multi-touch technology for your lessons and presentations

Bring a new dimension to your lessons and presentations with this 20-Inch Multi-Touch Panel powered by Hitachi StarBoard Software. The panel delivers exceptional colours and contrast ratio that, combined with the power and versatility of Hitachi’s StarBoard software, make lessons instantly more vibrant and inspiring. Use the panel in a classroom with an interactive whiteboard, or use it with a computer and video projector to enable powerful interactive presentations in large auditoriums. With the 20-Inch Multi-Touch Panel as a presenting platform you can face your students throughout the course of the lesson, keeping them better engaged and enabling greater interaction.


  • 10-Point Multi-Touch Screen for educational games and classroom group work.
  • Superb Image Quality ensured by UV2A technology combined with full-HD resolution and offering high image quality with bright and deep colours.
  • Smooth Onscreen Writing for precise recognition of onscreen input from pen or finger.
  • 2-mm-Tip Touch Pen allows extremely accurate onscreen writing of fine text and lines.
  • Palm Cancellation Function enables precise pen writing even with the palm of your hand resting on the screen.
  • One-Touch 180-Degree Rotation making the monitor a highly effective tool in educational games and other classroom activities.
  • Thin and Lightweight Design makes it easy to move and enables users to easily switch between stand-mounted, pen writing, and horizontal usage styles.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Customisable workspace and toolbars
  • Rich pallette of colours and editing tools
  • Integrated search engines
  • Built-in Google™ image search
  • Import Microsoft Office, PDF, and multime-
    dia files
  • Integrated classroom accessories (protractor, compass, screen recorder, etc.)
  • Intelli-pen for handwriting and shape recognition
  • Remote whiteboard sharing feature