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Interactive LCD panel

Bringing Exceptional Clarity to Presentations, Meetings, Lessons and Lectures

The StarBoard T-19WX provides the full functionality of an interactive whiteboard through a 19-inch wide screen pen display. It lets you control computer applications and write digital notes on the display, while your audience views the same notes projected onto a large screen.

Ideal for Auditoriums and Large Rooms

Connect T-19WX to your PC and LCD projector and control a lesson or presentation directly from a podium or desk and project onto a large screen.

Excellent Colours and Contrast

Conveniently placed on a desktop or lectern, the bright 19” display provides more working space and a clear image with WXGA+ resolution that works well with high-resolution LCD projectors.

Intuitive and Powerful Software

The T-19WX is equipped with the StarBoard suite - intuitive interactive software that is all captured in an easy-to-master customisable toolbar.

Interact and Illustrate

The T-19WX puts you in control of a powerful multimedia environment where you can interact with lessons and write over any application, image or video with digital ink.

The full version of StarBoard Software is included with the purchase of every Hitachi Starboard with free access to the following resources:

5 000 + learning objects
Free teaching activities and lessons
Math Toolbox


Electronic pen