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picture : Interactive Plasma Overlay



Interactive Plasma Overlay

Making Plasma Screens Instantly Interactive

The StarBoard PX-DUO fits perfectly over the 50” or 65” Panasonic plasma display and transforms it into an interactive multi-touch screen with full mouse functionality. It gives users the ability to control computer applications, navigate websites and write notes on the display with their finger, stylus or any object. One that looks as good as it performs.

picture : Interactive Plasma Overlay

Touch and Control

All operations on the board can be performed with a finger, stylus pen or an electronic pen, depending on your preference.

picture : Interactive Plasma Overlay

Multi-touch Features

Use the hands gestures to zoom or scroll the pages and images.

picture : Interactive Plasma Overlay

Powerful Presentation Tool

Ideal for teaching, corporate presentations and teleconferencing, the PX-DUO includes the StarBoard software with its powerful annotation tools, screen record capability, video annotation, Microsoft Office integration and live collaboration.

picture : Interactive Plasma Overlay

Perfect Colours and Contrast

The PX-DUO provides a perfect visual quality and sharpness of plasma screen.

picture : StarboardSoftware

The full version of StarBoard Software is included with the purchase of every Hitachi Starboard

  • Support of different OS :  Windows, Mac , Linux
  • Customisable floating toolbar;
  • Variety of digital inks;
  • Hand writing recognition;
  • Direct access to the Internet, Google image search
  • Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT...).


Electronic pen

Stylus pen