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StarBoard VT-E1

Bring an interaction to your lessons and presentations

The StarBoard VT-E1 is a wireless interactive response system that turns your lessons and presentations into interactive and dynamic experience. The system enables you to collect and evaluate the audience responses in real time and stay in touch with your students for evaluating their progress during the lesson. With StarBoard VT-E1 the teachers can spontaneously add new questions during the lesson or to prepare the quizzes and tests in advance. The results of response are automatically generated and can be viewed in any moment of the lesson or recorded for further use and analysis.

StarBoard VT-E1 key features

  • Wireless secure RF data transmission;
  • Works with built-in 2 AAA alkaline batteries for safe and long use;
  • 1 year’s battery life allows to use handsets without changing the batteries along a school year;
  • Multiple questions formats: simple/multiple choice, time scaling, etc.
  • Plug & Play vote receiver for easy handsets’ connection;
  • The questions can be edited in PowerPoint Add-On format or original format of application;
  • Supports 63 different channels for simultaneous use in several rooms;
  • 30m working distance compatible for small and big rooms;
  • Delivered with carrying case.

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