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Interactive whiteboard

Affordable Solution

The FX-77GII interactive whiteboard enables static presentations to be turned into dynamic activities. Simply connect the FX-77GII board to a computer and LCD projector and control the board with the easy-to-use StarBoard Software - all in a matter of minutes! All electronics on the FX-77GII are contained in a field-replaceable digitiser. This provides an electronic-free surface for durable use.

Electronic Pen Control

FX-77GII interactive whiteboard utilises a wireless 2-button electronic pen with full mouse and hover functions for computer operations.

Shortcut Buttons

12 shortcut customisable buttons for easy access to the StarBoard Software functionalities currently in use.

Durable Electronic-free Surface

Optimized durability which ensures the board remains fully operational even with minor dents and scratches to the surface.

Flexibility of Use

Use it as a normal whiteboard – attach magnets to the board’s surface or write with markers without any risk of damage to the interactive features.

picture : StarboardSoftware

The full version of StarBoard Software is included with the purchase of every Hitachi Starboard

  • Support of different OS :  Windows, Mac , Linux
  • Customisable floating toolbar;
  • Variety of digital inks;
  • Hand writing recognition;
  • Direct access to the Internet, Google image search
  • Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT...).


Electronic pen

Wheeled floor stand