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Connectivity for FX-Duo Interactivity

SMS Projector Short Throw Wall Mounted Stand


Simple to use – a fixed bracket with electrical lift This bracket is secured to the wall but can still be rapidly adapted to the heights and requirements of different users.

Ultimate flexibility The SMS projector stand is designed to be used with the Hitachi FX Series or FX Duo boards 60" or 77".

Flexible height and effortless to use A complete solution – the main column can be electrically raised and lowered, enabling it to be simply adjusted from one class or meeting to another, making it ideal for use by small children and adults alike.

A solution ideally suited for the Hitachi interactive whiteboard and the ultra short throw Hitachi projector. Featuring unique Hitachi optical technology, the CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A100 has an ultra short throw capability delivering a 60" projection and 42cm. This allows the projector to be sited very close to the screen eliminating shadowing effects.

Once installed, this system provides the security of a fixed system with the flexibility of powered adjustable height.