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StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen

Full-featured portable interactive whiteboard for use
wherever you need

The StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen portable interactive unit from Hitachi allows you to turn any regular whiteboard or a wall into an interactive area with all features of an interactive whiteboard.
The system is delivered with 2 reflective pens allowing control of all PC’s operations directly from the interactive area. Unlike the most of interactive pens on the market, the Hitachi’s reflective pen does not contain any electronic components or batteries for a safe and affordable use.

The StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen can be mounted magnetically to a whiteboard, moved from one classroom to another or removed for safekeeping. You can use it with already acquired equipment – the system is compatible with any LCD projector, whiteboard and computer. Just attach it to a flat surface, connect to a computer, connect the computer to a projector and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning interactive whiteboard.

StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen product features

  • Includes 2 reflective pens for multi-touch and multi-user features.
  • Magnetic installation for portability and security.
  • Battery-less, electronics-less reflective pen for affordable use.
  • The format of projection can be changed from 4:3 to 16:10.
  • Resizable active area up to 90 inches diagonal.
Watch LINK EZ2-Pen video

picture : StarboardSoftware

The full version of StarBoard Software is included with the purchase of every Hitachi Starboard

  • Support of different OS :  Windows, Mac , Linux
  • Customisable floating toolbar
  • Variety of digital inks
  • Hand writing recognition
  • Direct access to the Internet, Google image search
  • Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT...).
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