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Browser-based solution for interactive and collaborative learning

Interact and collaborate – anywhere, with any device and on any platform

StarCloud is the browser-based online whiteboard software that can be used with Hitachi’s StarBoard products or as a standalone tool that can enhance any interactive whiteboards, displays and mobile devices. StarCloud is completely installation free. Accessed via your preferred web browser, StarCloud allows teachers to easily access their digital resources and collaborate with students and colleagues for individual or group work.

Access and try StarCloud at:

Cloud-hosted interactive whiteboard software

Whether preparing lessons from home or working in the classroom, your files and resources are always online and easy to access. And because StarCloud is accessed through your web browser, there is no software to install and no need to worry about updates.

Easy whiteboard sharing

Students can use their own computers or tablet devices to access files and activities created by their teachers without any need for specific software installation. Teachers can also share resources with colleagues, making collaborative work easier than ever before.

Platform and hardware independent

Use StarCloud from your PC or mobile device. Integrate videos and internet pages with your other lesson resources. Create digital documents and share with others regardless of whether they work from a Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer.

StarBoard software compatible

StarCloud can be used independently or as a simple way to extend the reach and effectiveness of lesson materials created using traditional StarBoard software. Teachers already familiar with StarBoard can easily create and save documents in .yar format as well as open and work with their existing .yar files.