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version 9

The interactive universe at your fingertips

Each interactive tool in the Hitachi StarBoard line is delivered with the StarBoard software suite. Discover a dynamic and customisable tool for teachers and their students.

StarBoard Software version 9

New menu, features and graphical interface.

The new StarBoard software suite has been entirely redesigned to offer teachers even more flexibility:

  • New ergonomic menu bar, more flexible and intuitive;
  • Conversion into more than 20 languages with a single click, ideal for bilingual teaching;
  • Ability to create shortcuts to your favourite tools directly on the page;
  • New customisable colour palette, including the ability to import your favourite images with the texture of electronic ink;
  • Information on updates and direct access to the online resource centre;
  • Compatible with most operating systems.

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StarBoard Software Highlights

picture : StarBoard Software

Customisable Toolbar
The toolbar design can be adapted to place the tools you need within reach. It is even possible to save custom toolbar profiles for each teacher or student’s preferences.

picture : StarBoard Software

Illustrate and annotate
Prepare your lessons using a rich palette of digital inks. From translucent highlighters to pencils with customised textures, creativity is at your fingertips.

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Import files into StarBoard
Import PowerPoint, Word, PDF, JPEG and other formats directly into StarBoard and bring them to life with a rich palette of digital inks and other interactive features.

picture : StarBoard Software

Click and Search
Enrich your courses with just a few clicks. The integrated search engine allows you to search Google and Wikipedia directly in the StarBoard software: import articles and images into your courses to better illustrate the ideas and concepts.

picture : StarBoard Software

Resources for teachers
StarBoard educational resources include more than 5,000 images, backgrounds and Flash animations, a community forum, as well as an online resource centre, accessible directly from the StarBoard software menu.

picture : StarBoard Software

Development Centre at Cambridge
StarBoard software combines the high quality educational resources developed at Cambridge University Press with Hitachi digital whiteboard technology to provide high performance solutions for teachers.